What is Penpal News?

Penpal News is a communication platform, designed to make communicating online easy, fun, and secure. It allows people to connect over long distances in a secure format, even offering the option of anonymity.


For Businesses

Do you own or run a business? Would you like some honest feedback from your customers or clients, but fear that they aren’t giving you the honesty you need? There are many reasons that customers and clients may not give you honest feedback to your face; a major reason being fear of damaging the working relationship.

There are many reasons that anonymous comment boxes were designed and placed in business places over the years. However, now that more and more business is conducted online, it has become difficult to get that same quality of feedback. Think of Penpal News are your virtual comment box, where customers and clients can anonymously contact you with their feedback.

For Families and Friends

It can be difficult to stay connected with family and friends as we run around in our fast-paced lives or move to new cities in our increasingly international world. Penpal News offers you a wonderful, secure, and private solution to connecting online with your family members and friends.


For Other Connections

Ever wondered what it is like to live in a different part of the world? Perhaps you have thought of contacting someone in a different land, but decided that it may be risky or dangerous to give them any of your personal information, even your name. Now you can make that connection in an anonymous setting with other, likeminded individuals.



Below are a couple of examples of Penpal News in action.

After visiting Milano's a car dealership in San Diego, Gabe used Penpal News to send along feedback about his experience. “I must say that the service was rather good. I would definitely return to this dealership on the basis of that service,” Gabe began. “However, the office could use some improvements. For some people, it’s all about presentation. I’m not sure that those people would even stick around long enough to experience the good service. The walls need to be painted and the furniture is outdated and worn.” The owner of the dealership was given a chance to respond to Gabe’s feedback. “Thank you for your honest feedback,” the owner began. “We appreciate you taking the time to send it along. We are very happy to hear that you were pleased with our service. We also understand why you believe our office could use some work. We are already planning some minor renovations, and will keep your suggestions in mind as we move forward.”

Marshall is a freelance writer for a small newspaper in his home town. He is working on a story about a robbery and home invasion. Coming from such a small town, Marshall knows that everyone knows everyone else’s business. While this could be very helpful in gaining some leads for his story, it also poses an obstacle, because no one wants to be responsible for getting anyone else in trouble. To solve his problem, Marshall placed an ad in the newspaper outlining his need for information and urging anyone with information to contact him anonymously using Penpal News. Within an hour of the paper being placed on shelves, Marshall received a tip that led to the apprehension of the robber.

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